Actuator Control Switch



SO Baggers Center Stand Actuator Control Switch: Take Control, Ride with Confidence

Gain effortless control over your motorcycle's center stand actuator with the SO Baggers Center Stand Actuator Control Switch. This premium switch is built to deliver long-lasting performance and reliable operation, even in challenging environments.

Built to Last:

  • Durable Micro Switch: Fits a standard 1/4 inch hole and is constructed with high-quality materials for extended service life.
  • Reverse Polarity Circuit: A soldered PCB with a built-in RP circuit safeguards your electrical system from accidental damage caused by incorrect wiring.
  • Reliable Wiring: High-grade TXL wire ensures dependable signal transmission, keeping your switch functioning flawlessly.

Weatherproof Design:

  • Triple-Layer Heat Shrink Tube Cover: Provides superior protection against moisture, dust, and debris.
  • Waterproof Shrink Connectors: Seal electrical connections completely, preventing corrosion and ensuring reliable performance in any weather condition.

Upgrade your motorcycle's convenience and peace of mind with the SO Baggers Center Stand Actuator Control Switch. Order yours today!