Center Stand Actuator



SO Baggers Center Stand Actuator

This actuator is specifically designed for SO Baggers center stands, offering a seamless and effortless solution to raising and lowering your center stand.

Here's what makes the SO Baggers Center Stand Actuator exceptional:

  • Powerful and reliable: The SOBaggers actuator technology ensures smooth and efficient operation, even with heavy touring loads.
  • Convenient operation: Activate the actuator with a simple switch, eliminating the need for manual effort
  • Easy installation: Designed for a straightforward installation process on SO Baggers center stands.

Upgrade your riding experience with the SO Baggers Center Stand Actuator and enjoy the comfort and safety of electronic center stand operation.

Additional features:

  • Compatible with all SO Baggers models 
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • IP-67 Weather-resistant design for all-weather use

Note: Switch or remote control not included.

Make your motorcycle life easier and safer with the SO Baggers Center Stand Actuator.