SOB Quality Electric Center Stands

Taking the Stand: A Deep Dive into Southern Oregon Baggers' Electric Center Stands

For motorcycle enthusiasts, especially those with touring bikes, a reliable center stand is a game-changer.

Today, we're zooming in on Southern Oregon Baggers' (SOB) electric center stands, renowned for their durability, user-friendliness, and impressive features.

Built to Last: SOB stands are crafted with robust materials and meticulous engineering. They boast waterproof actuators, a crucial element for withstanding the elements, and replaceable aluminum feet. This commitment to quality ensures your stand becomes a dependable companion for countless rides to come.

Effortless Operation: Gone are the days of wrestling with a manual stand. SOB's electric center stands are powered by a robust actuator, allowing you to effortlessly raise and lower the stand with the flip of a switch. This is a boon for riders of all ages and abilities, especially those who might find manual operation challenging.

Customizable Comfort: SOB understands that not all bikes are created equal. They offer their stands in various leg length options, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific motorcycle model. This customization eliminates compatibility concerns and guarantees smooth operation without compromising ground clearance.

Beyond the Basics: SOB doesn't stop at just functionality. Their stands come pre-wired for seamless installation, saving you precious time and effort. Additionally, they offer a 10% discount to military and first responders, a testament to their commitment to the community.

The Verdict: Southern Oregon Baggers' electric center stands are a compelling choice for discerning riders who value quality, convenience, and a touch of customization. Their superior build, user-friendly operation, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a worthy investment for anyone seeking to elevate their bagger ownership experience.

So, if you're in the market for an electric center stand that won't let you down, be sure to check out Southern Oregon Baggers. You might just find your perfect match.


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Godfrey Charles
2 months ago

good morning
I placed an order last night for an Actuator for your center stand, but received an email that my order didn't go through? but I see the funds for the part withdrawn from my account? can someone please reach back out to me with the status

Thurston FLUKER
2 minutes ago

I have a 2017 VICTORY Magnum, do or can make on yo work on it ...THANKS...